Zari hulls insults at fans asking her to take Diamond’s kids to Tanzania

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Diamond Platnumz’s baby Mama Zari Hassan lost her cool and hurled insults at a fan after being asked to take her children Tiffah and Nillan to Tanzania.

In an Insta live session, Zari told off those asking her to bring the kids to Tanzania to see their father.

“Kwani wewe ni nani, wewe umbwa, wewe. Unataa watoto wa nini. Just let me be, we are comfortable, we are living a good life you better mind your M*****fkn business and don’t even make me start with you coz when it comes to my kids. F*ck I fight, so shut-up and mind your business” she retorted

The socialite and her baby daddy have had issues regarding their children, with Zari at one point accusing Diamond of neglecting their kids.