Wyre joins in on the Sauti Sol, King Kaka beef

Wyre joins in on the Sauti Sol, King Kaka beef

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After King Kaka bashed Sauti Sol, Redsan and Nameless on a radio interview and  accused them of not doing much to help the local music industry, Sauti sol, unlike Redsan and nameless decided to fire back at the self proclaimed King.King Kaka had questioned the quartet’s help to the local music industry and that must have gotten Sauti Sol very angry.

Well Sauti Sol were on a UK tour at the time of the accusations and they did not bother responding to the repper’s .However last week they finally did.

Sauti Sol invited King Kaka to pay them a visit at their offices so that they can share notes with him on how to make it in the music industry. According to Sauti Sol, King Kaka is struggling to assist other artists who are already better than him.

“It doesn’t mean Kaka Signing a musician is doing something for the Industry. We came up with a project called Studio Mashiani which was a platform for Kenyan youth and it was taken away from us. We do it because we love it, so that his sorry a** can get a chance at it later in his life” said Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist, Bien

He went on to say that Avril and Timmy T-dat were too good for King Kaka and that they should sign the CEO of King Kaka Empire instead.

It now seems that local dancehall artiste Wyre has also had enough of the “King” and decided to join in and defend Sauti Sol and those mentioned by King Kaka.

Wyre said he does not agree with The Kaka empire CEO’S  sentiments and that it was an individual choice for one to help out if they are able to.

“I wouldn’t agree with King Kaka sentiments. A veteran artiste helping other artistes is an individual choice to make. If one feels he or she is in a position to help then its cool and if an individual feels not to, then there is no problem with that. This is because its a very very expensive venture, it needs a lot of money and requires time and patients. You have to pay for their videos, audios, song writing and stuffs that comes with that line. And where does all that money come from? Its even harder when yourself you are an artiste because you also need to invest in your work as well as those under you,” he said.