Woman in Custody after stealing newborn at Pumwani Hospital

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Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has assured Nairobians that he will take stern measures against the suspect involved in newborn theft at Pumwani hospital.

The suspect, Mercy Atieno Ochieng’ is reported to have stolen a baby belonging 35-year-old Rebecca Kasaya Ayiro on Friday 31st August.

Mercy allegedly walked into Rebecca’s bed in ward 2 and took the baby who was temporarily unattended.

“According to the hospital, Mercy Atieno Ochieng’ had stolen a baby belonging 35-year-old Rebecca Kasaya Ayiro.
Mrs. Rebecca had given birth to the 3.5kg baby on Thursday, August 30 and was recuperating in Ward 2.
However, as her discharge was being processed by the hospital’ billing officers,suspect Mercy seized the opportunity to steal the baby that had been momentarily been left unattended to on Mrs. Rebecca’s bed.
The baby’s mother raised the alarm upon returning to her ward bed and found her baby missing.” reads a statement from Nairobi county government

She put the baby in a laptop bag and attempted to flee the premises but the baby started crying prompting the guard to stop and search her.

The guard searched the suspect who claimed it was her phone’s ringtone.

The suspect has since been booked at Shauri Moyo police station.

In a statement from the Nairobi county, governor Sonko has also urged nursing mothers to be vigilant especially at county hospitals.

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