Woman Dies After Conductor Throws Her Out Of Moving Matatu

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Police have arrested one person in connection with the death of a 28 year old lady who allegedly died after being thrown out of a moving matatu.

Twenty eight year old Florence Wanjiru succumbed to injuries she sustained after she was thrown out of a Killeton Sacco Matatu by the crew members.

Police have so far arrested the driver of the matatu but the conductor has gone into hiding.

“All indicators are clear the Sacco is Killeton, we already have one suspect in custody the driver,” said Kilimani OCPD Michael Muchiri.

A CCTV footage shows Wanjiru boarding the Kileton Matatu after coming from work.

Wanjiru’s mother Beatrice Wanjiru says that her daughter told her before she died that the conductor her hit her with a blunt object before throwing her out of the matatu.

“On Friday she told me that the conductor hit her with a blunt object before being thrown out of the bus by the conductor,” narrated Wanjiru’s mother.

Police have launched a manhunt on the conductor who has since gone into hiding.

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