Willy Paul Threatens to shoot man after confrontation (Video)

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Controversial singer Willy Paul is once again an online conversation after he was caught on camera threatening to pull out his gun on an unidentified man.

Pozee and the said man allegedly argued over parking space before the singer threatened to shoot him.

In the video, Pozee is heard asking the man if it would be wrong if he shot him because the man had attacked him.

“Boss si umeniattack ndio nakuuliza tukipigana risasi hapa kuna shida?” the singer is heard saying

A group of people who were around then try to stop him from drawing his gun asking him to calm down.

Willy Paul is heard shouting at the people around, ordering them to stop recording him as the altercation continued.

The controversial singer recently revealed on social media that he owns a piece captioning the post “I love toys”