Willy Paul finally clarifies what his song Hallelujah is about

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Gospel singer Willy Paul has been forced to explain the message in his latest song featuring Tanzania songstress Nandy.

The song dubbed ‘Hallelujah’ elicited mixed reactions from the singer’s fans who did not understand whether its a gospel or a love song.

Fellow gospel star Ringtone even threatened to sue the two artistes after the song was released claiming it is a disrespect to the christian faith.

Willy Paul now says the hallelujah is purely a love song and he is allowed as an artiste to explore his art.

 “It’s not a gospel song, but ni Love song, alafu you know mimi ni artiste naruhusiwa kuimba, unajua kwanza nikifanya na Rayvvany watu walishangaa sana, nimefanya na Nandy pia wameshangaa, sasa jua wameshangaa ya kutosha sijui next project watafanya nini sasa.” He said

Willy Paul has faced a lot of criticism for many of his songs for one reason or the other.

At one point the singer was accused of recycling lyrics from his song Jigi Jigi.

He has also been called out on a number of occasions by critics who want him to clarify his genre of music.

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