Willy Paul and Vera Sidika light up internet poke fan at Otile

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By Annette Amondi

Socialite Vera Sidika and Willy Paul poked fan at Otile Brown on instagram leaving fans in stitches.

Willy Pozee had uploaded a video of his brand new merceded benz when vera decided to hit his comment section to congratulate him.

“Pozze, make sure you refund the KSh 500,000 I loaned you. Congrats bro!” she wrote 

Willy on his part made fan of Vera when he told her to go get the 500k he ows her and a baby.

“@queenveebosset wacha mambo yako wewe.. njoo mimi nikupee hio 500k mtoto… lol,” he wrote

Vera insisted he specify whether he wanted to give her 500k plus a baby or he was calling her a baby.

“Willy Paul do you mean you want to give me 500k and a baby or are you calling me a child?” she said

Willy Paul’s response telling Vera to choose whether she wanted a baby or to be called a baby left fans in pastiches.

Remember the time Otile Brown claimed Vera aborted his baby then Vera said that she left Otile because he insisted they have a baby together? Now you get the joke..lol