Why Jimi Wanjigi’s father wants all bachelors to get married

Why Jimi Wanjigi's father wants all bachelors to get married

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Billionaire Jimmy Wanjigi’s father has amazed Kenyans by calling on all unmarried men to get married.

Wanjigi’s father Maina Wanjigi who was at his son’s house when the police raided the home congratulated Wanjigi’s wife Nzisa for standing by his husband during the hard time.

He urged bachelors to get married in order to get such support from their wives like like Wanjigi.

“Most importantly,you guys who are not married, get married. Ii would like to thank this girl, she has been with those scavenging people, every corner they have gone to. She has been unable to sleep all the three days. And like i said, if you are not married, get married,” he stated.