Why i do not celebrate Christmas – Gilad

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Singer Gilad Millo has revealed why he does not celebrate Christmas despite the

Gilad an Israeli born ex-Diplomat says as a Jew, he does not celebrate Christmas.

He says Jewish people do not recognize Jesus as a Messiah but as a prophet.

Apart from the celebrating Christmas, the Jews also do not recognise the New Testament of the bible

“We do not subscribe to the New Testament. Jesus was a Jew. he came out of the Jewish people and that is why we do not pray to him,” he said.

Gilad however says he does not condemn how other people worship God.

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“I am only telling people to be real with themselves. Everybody worships in different ways. We should not judge each other by how we worship. Whether or not we read this or that, just measure yourself by how you see you should respect God,” he said.

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