Why i decided to be the ‘other woman’ aka the ‘’side kick’’

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Marriage was meant to be between 2 people, the husband and the wife.

But in the 21st Century things have  changed, a section of men have decided to marry more than 2 wives while  others have been entangled to  with the ‘’Mpango wa kando’’ who  they are not willing to publicly introduce  to their respective families.

I don’t understand the famous women quote ‘’Aliniibia bwana’’ a grown man stolen from you, how? keep it in your head He decided to leave.

I personally never support the ‘’mpango wa kando ’ arrangement , but over the weekend I caught up with a friend of mine who is living  large and I really wanted to clear the air on the rumors that had  going round that she is someone’ s  ‘’clande ‘’

Before I could even shoot the question she broke the news

‘’Yes I have been with  this married guy for the last 5years and it’s the best move I made in my life’’

But why ? I sought to understand .

‘’He pays my bills by date 5th of every month , He makes sure all my bills are cleared and on top of that He makes sure he sends money for my shopping on time’’

But have you ever asked yourself if He has done the same to his family ?

‘’ Am always there for him , providing a shoulder to lean on when the war at his place is more than the 2nd world war and cold war combined ,

This man is not nagging, he only comes around when he is stressed and when he needs just some good time which he keeps saying his wife forgot once the kids came around .

The other good thing is that I can still keep my boyfriend. He has never opposed the idea of me having another guy as long as I do not   cancel our arrangements  and to top it up I think he is more compassionate with me than he is with the wife .’’

I was  seated  there pondering what my friend had told me , and before I could get a sip of my juice  she said that  to sum it all she  can walk away whenever  she felt like she had  had enough since nothing really ties them  together .

We toasted  to friendship but in my mind I thought  choices have consequences, and not everyone who decides to be the mistress gets these benefits. Sometimes even the best laid plans go wrong, and if you think that things will always work in your favour, think twice.