Why Ezekiel Mutua wants this Kikuyu musician arrested

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Two vernacular artists are on the spot for releasing a Kikuyu song that allegedly promotes hate speech against the Kamba community.

The two, Isaiah and Waharaka released a song titled ‘Ikamba’ which according to KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua, mocks the Kamba community and castigates Kitui county governor Charity Ngilu.

“The song is offensive and distasteful. Its translation and real meaning and objective is to mock one community and deride its members over the controversy on ongoing charcoal burning in Kitui county.” Wrote Mutua on his facebook page.

Mutua said the song was in bad taste for using the actions of a few individuals to malign and deride a whole community and called for NCIC to arrest the two for violating the provisions of article 33 of the constitution.

The Kenya Film Classification Boss added that the song violates KFCB guidelines and placed an immediate ban on the song.

“The song should not be aired on any platform or distributed in any frontier.” he said.

Makueni senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior has said he will lodge an official complaint with NCIC to ensure the arrest of the two artistes immediately over hate speech.

“The video on social media purpoting to insult the Kamba community is very offensive. My office will lodge an official complaint with the Director of public prosecution and NCIC. Do not circulate the video. It gives bigotry, unnecessary credibility.” he said