Why Eastleigh Residents No Longer Report Crime Or Terrorism Acts To The Police

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Eastleigh Residents are now living in fear over harassment by police officers in the area.

This is after police officers were busted in a hotel in the area in a  6 million theft that was well choreographed  and executed by  police officers.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio  News Eastleigh Residents Association  chairman  David Odhiambo says they have cut links and delivery of any information on crime and terrorism to the police after the heist that made them lose trust in the police.

Odhiambo says that they fear that the police might set them up with the same criminals they are revealing to them.

‘’As an association we have stopped our links with the police , how can you reveal sensitive information like the one of crime  or terrorism with same people who terrorise you…we shall not do so from today.’’ Odhiambo stated.

He has called on the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai  to move with speed and bring National Police Service into order failure to which the whole country will be in dissaray and panic.