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Whose dad is this? (PHOTOS)

Whose dad is this? (PHOTOS)

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The internet is on fire after photos of a middle aged man wearing coloured suits that match his phones and wrist watches emerge.

The unknown man’s photos have gone viral following his exciting choice of suit colours that are mostly associated with ladies.

Some tweeps have identified him as  Chairman of Umoinner Sacco buses.

“We know him as Chair. He loves his suits very much,” said one Umoinner passenger.

He is also rumoured to own some buses.

From Purple, green to pink, the man ensures that the colour of his suit matches his watch, shoes, phone and even the pen.

In one of the popular pictures. he is seen wearing a checked maroon suit matching the colour of graffiti on a matatu (Nganya).

In another suit, he is seen wearing a pink suit matching it with a pink umbrella.

His unique swag has attracted international attention with tweeps from overseas commenting on his dresscode.

Check him out;