Wema Sepetu Oral Sex Video Leaks and The Internet Goes Wild. (Vid)

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wema1Compared to other Tanzanian beauties, Wema Sepetu must be the most populous thanks to her endless dramas, controversies and a socialite-like lifestyle.

Truth be said, Wema Sepetu is just another case. Her relationship past sucks and her love life just so complicated.

Amongst other Tanzanian actress in her capacity, sat Lulu Michaels, Jokate Mwegelo, Wolper Gambe or even the hot Hamisa Mobeto, Wema Sepetu has had the longest list of boyfriends (all equal celebrities) in a span of two years. Have I mentioned the late Kanumba, Diamond Platnumz, Ommy Dimpoz, former Namibian Big Brother Africa representative Luiz Munana amongst many other.

So after parting ways with Idris Sultan- h(er immediate ex boyfriend) , Wema Sepetu just bought her self a new toy boy going by the name Calisah.

Calisah is a commercial model in Tanzania whose hot body cant afford to keep the ladies away. He too, is a generous cake server as she has had flings with stars such as Wolper, Jokate and now Wema.

A video doing round on social media has humiliated Wema more than her nude photos did  back then. Comments reading express how fans feel for the former Miss Tanzania.

Wema got favor and has a huge following on Instagram, however a notable number of her loyal fans have expressed their disappointment after the steamy video of calisah and her lip-locking leaked courtesy of @udakutz_ (Instagram).

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