Was He Drunk? Diamond Platnumz Shocks Fans After He Took A Video Of Himself Doing The Unthinkable. (Video)

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Towards the end of last year, local rapper cum producer one Visita was caught on camera ruthlessly cursing Grandpa records, DNa, Kenrazy and Kidis after he bitterly fell out with Grandpa records over scanty circumstances.
Seems the fury has spread wings to East Africa’s top star one Diamond Platmumz.
From the look of things the line from one of hit songs, “….Na Vile Nilivyo Mpole Tabia Ya Kuwajibu Sinaga…..,” just lost meaning since he just did the opposite-showering his haters with a million of the “F” word.
Using the newest feature on Instagram, Instagram Live, Diamond Platnumz went on to express what his heart couldn’t keep no more.
The clip that has since gone viral started as a cool and positive-vibed before abruptly transitioning  into a well of insults to those who hate him. He even bragged of “not knowing you” and that “he has lots of money, cars and houses” than you (Who hates him).
A large section of Instagram strongly felt that the video was directed to his alltime  nemesis Alikiba and the entire #TeamKiba at large.
Diamond can’t embrace the fact that despite doing musically better and having more material posession than Ali Kiba, the latter still maintains to be the ” Kipenzi Cha Watu”!!
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