Walking out of toxic Marriages or Relationships

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It’s okay to walk out of a toxic Marriage/Relationship


Lately the media has been filled with cases of marriages/relationships gone sour and some have resulted to one partner killing the other through very inhumane ways.

They say ‘’Love is blind’’ but we ought to open our eyes and know when it’s okay to walk out of a marriage or a toxic relationship.

I personally dated this guy, who I felt was either obsessed/possessed by some demons. To summarize the whole story this guy came to my own house, drunk started unnecessary arguments raising his voice and almost hit me and that was the very day I ordered him to leave my house and never ever come back!!.

We live in a society where we have been bonded by society expectations,

What will they say if I leave my husband?

What will they say if I break up with my fiancée?  Sometimes walking away is the best decision you can ever make.

When you spot any of this, do yourself a favor and walk away

Physical Abuse

If your partner hits you once, it doesn’t matter if it was a drunken moment chances are He will hit you again. Trust is broken, your partner is one person who is meant to protect you and even if you forgive him/her the scar is still there.


Some will open up later after hell has broken loose and confess about how their spouses were either addicted to alcohol or even gambling. If you realize your partners addiction is affecting your family negatively. Walk out.


It’s proven to be a major  cause of domestic quarrels, however in most cases both parties might decide to forgive each other ,but if your partner is a serial cheater have some respect for your own self and walk away.


Respect is very crucial for the growth of either a relationship or marriage. If your partner is constantly abusing you  ( might be verbally  ) it’s time to walk away . Everyone deserves someone who respects them.

Do not stick to any relationship or marriage that is draining you, ask yourself  a few questions are you happy? Do you yearn  to see your partner after a long hectic day? This will definitely be the starter point of making that decision whether to leave or stay.

I know we  are all different when it comes to how we deal with love matters but again we need to know there is a difference between forgiveness  and weakness .

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