Victoria Kimani Mistaken for Nicki Minaj while on tour in Paris

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By Annette Amondi

Kenyan singer Victoria Kimani has narrated how she was mistaken for Nicki Minaj by a French couple.

Victoria was on tour in Paris when the said couple walked up to her and asked her to take a photo with their daughter.

“So here I was doing touristy things In Paris and this couple came up to me and literally handed me their baby then told me to take a picture with her. I later found out they thought I was Nicki Minaj. While I do appreciate the ultra-sweet compliment, I do not look like the queen, not even a little bit,” she wrote.

Victoria also amused fans after pointing out the fact that the child will grow up to realize she is not Nicki Minaj.

“One day this child will grow up and realise that I am in fact not Nicki but a pop star from Africa ( which is super cool too) anyway we look cute in our matching hats,” she added.

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