Victoria Kimani in search of man who can satisfy her sexual needs

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Musician Victoria Kimani gave fans  a rare confession of how she misses having sex after a year of celibacy.

The American-born Kenyan singer claims to have been living in celibacy since May 2017 after breaking up with Nigerian video producer Stanley Obiamalu.

In an Instagram post, Victoria confessed she has not gotten intimate with anybody since parting ways with Obiamalu, wondering if she is the problem or its the men who are scared of approaching her.

“Since may last year I have not had sex with one person. So who is fucking up? Is it me or dem niggas? Because I am ready, I have been ready to f**k. it feels like global warming” she said

Last year she spoke about her break up with the video producer saying she was not ready to mingle.

“My love life has actually non-existent. I have not been in a relationship for like 6 months and I haven’t bothered to like try and find someone else. They (guys who DM her) are trying to hit that but that’s not what I want,” she said