Vera Sidika’s fans worried she’s ‘damaged’ her skin further

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Fans of socialite and business woman Vera Sidika are worried about her current complexion.

The socialite has been away in London for some time now and only jetted back in the country a few days ago.

Vera has been uploading photos of her London trip and of couse homecoming on Instagram and her fans are convinced she has bleached her skin further.

Most of her online fans were quick to warn her of the risk she is imposing on herself with all the skin lightening.

Others of course found something to poke fan into calling her doll and an skinned smokey.

Check out some of the comments.

moha.jnr, wrote “@queenveebosset Sure,plastic will make perfect but not permanent sweetheart,u gonna melt oooh that’s where u heading to. u plus albinos”

“Unakaa smokie imetolewa ngozi” wrote Kevin Mwita
churchill_okello wrote “Waah hii ni Samantha ya waluhya”

breanabubbles: @kubwabwaja_veepe no I’m not jealous. I am whiter than her (I am white). I just think that her color looks kind of unhealthy here and that she is missing some color
your_hotchocolate wrote “That skin is gonna fall off”
yourdiet_plan wrote “So pale!!”

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