Utalii Ward MCA Fires Youth Employed By Sonko In County Project

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Four days after demonstrations at  the Nairobi County Assembly a group of reformed youths that was given first priority by the Nairobi governor Mike Sonko to participate in Ngarisha jiji project is crying foul.

The 10 youths claim that they are yet to get their jobs back after  their names were deleted and replaced by a list of names affiliated to Utali ward  member of county  assembly Wilson Ochola.

The group stormed the assembly demanding answers from Ochola who later used the house leadership led by minority whip Peter Imwatok to convene  a meeting with them and reached a deal that the youth resume work today.

However the group was today morning barred from working by the area ward administrator who took them back to the MCA for fresh registration.

Walter Okello one of the aggrieved youths alleges that the MCA and the ward administrator are playing ping pong games to deny them the Ng’arish Jiji jobs.

‘‘The MCA is joking with our lives we were  to go back to work today morning and now the administrator is telling us  to and clear with Ochola,’’  Okello said.

Meanwhile Ochola has avoided media over the matter and when he was confronted by our reporter he disappeared  without a response.

The group has also accused Ochola of deducting sh. 3000 from their pay.

In the Ngarisha Jiji Project the governor declared that the program to be run by ward admins in collaboration with MCAs and the  gang reformists were to be given first priority.

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