Using football to create first aid awareness

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footballThe Game Healthy Football Tournament aimed at creating first aid awareness is currently ongoing at the Nyayo Estate Grounds in Embakasi East.

The tournament has been organized by the Ruai Family Hospital in partnership with Ghetto Radio and Majimaji Kenya Trust.

The organizers of the tournament also want to emphasize on the need of people having first aid kits in their homes and cars and also how to behave in times of emergencies like fire incidences and accidents.

“We are trying to get people out of the current detrimental culture of taking pictures and selfies in emergency scenes. Today everyone wants to be a journalist when an accident happens, and so we want to tell them what to do first instead of photos,” said Majimaji.

“We also hope that the tournament will encourage football teams to have first aid kits before and during every match,” he stated.

At least eight teams will feature in the tournament that is set to last only one day.


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