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Upcoming singer accuses Tanasha Donna of stealing Lyrics

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An upcoming rapper only known as Bey T has come out to accuse rapper and radio presenter Tanasha Donna of stealing part of her lyrics.

The rapper took to social media to fire shots at Diamond’s better half Tanasha who released her new jam “Radio” a few weeks ago.

According to Bey T, the phrase  “Kenya to the World” was originally hers and Tanasha stole it.

The upcoming rapper promised to release a diss tack on Friday aimed at Tanasha

“Someone tell Tanasha to stop wave riding”. She wrote

Tanasha responded to the upcoming artiste telling her that the phrase has been used so many times she cannot claim ownership for it.

“Too much hate in this world. Jealousy is a disease. They’ll start beef over a phrase they think they invented when it has been used by so many artists in the 254, What’s wrong with this world though? What happened to empowering one another?” she posed.

Hours after their exchange Bey T has released a dis track dubbed ‘Don to the Donna’ earlier than she promised.

In her latest diss track, Don to the Donna, Bey T throws shade at Tanasha Donna calling her a talent-less attention seeker, escalating what seemed like a small beef to a rather personal fight