University Students protest killing of their colleagues

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Kenya University Students Organizations held demonstration on Tuesday to condemn the killing of fellow University students by police.

Led by KUSO chairman Antony Manyara, the students said they are outraged by extra judicial killings involving university students with most of the cases being left unsolved in the court.

The students further claimed the police are colluding to block the justice process.

“There are accumulated cases of students shot by police officers. We no longer have faith in our courts and investigating agencies because they are taking too long to deliver justice,” Manyara said

Ten students have so far been killed around the country with the recent case being the killing of Carilton Maina who was gunned down in Kibera on December 21 2018.

Maina’s death sparked protests in the city center from the students who were against the killing of the Leeds university student who was killed after being suspected to be involved in crime.

The students presented a petition to parliament to propose a bill to initiate police reforms and ensure periodical delocalisation of police to avoid staying in the same place for long.




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