Ugandan fans attack socialite Hamisa Mobeto

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hamisaUganda’s Controversial socialite Hamisa Mobeto was on Thursday the subject of all Ugandan gossip mills after she showed up to her event without her curvaceous hips.

Now if you follow Hamisa on Instagram then you know the lass is always showing off her petite but curvy dearie in figure hugging outfits.

The Tanzanian socialite is currently dealing with a lot of negativity after social media users viciously attacked her for showing up without her curves.hamisa

Well, could it be that the lass wears figure enhancers or does she just strike poses that seemingly build her behind. Damn! talk about optic illusion. Kudos to her photographer.

Well when fans were busy trolling his mpango wa kando, Diamond Platnumz and Zari were just meters away having the time of their life at Zari’s annual all white party.

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Her Ugandan fans waited for her with much anticipation in a bid to wallow in her seductive curves and edges, sadly for them that never happened as the Hamisa they expected only lives on Instagram.hamisa

The attack started earlier in the day when fans who went to receive her from the airport started posting photos online asking why the lass had chosen to leave her hips at home.

Fans expressed their disappointment after receive the thinner not so curvaceous Hamisa from the airport.



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