UASU Declares War Against Ministry’s Proposal To Merge Universities

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The university Academic staff Union of Kenya UASU, has opposed the proposal by the ministry of  Education to merge universities.

UASU Secretary General Dr Constatine Wesonga, said that the government has some ill motives to loot the money that was pumped to start off  and develop some universities across the country.

He added that the union has a strong hand in matters education in the country, and that the Government cannot pass proposals without consulting the experts of education.

Mr. Wesonga insisted that the government should seek advice on the merging matters, since without the same, it will be putting small universities at risk of incurring the problems that major public universities are undergoing, including lack of transparency in the system and financials constrains.

On the  other side, the chairman of the Union professor Muga  K’olale,  said that the battle is on and if the Government will go ahead to pass the Proposal, it will be the beginning of bringing down the  education at higher level,

“We are students of positive varsity transition, and we will not relent on telling it right to the Government, we must win this war,” said K’Olale.





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