U.S Ambassador McCarter Wows Kenyans With His Mastery of Sheng

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The new US ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter has wowed Kenyans with his mastery of the sheng language.

McCarter yesterday posted a tweet explaining how bad corruption was in fluent Swahili and then finalizing the tweet in sheng.


“Corruption-ni Kama mbwa kubwa na nono. Anakuja Kwa Boma lako kila siku, anaingia ndani ya ghala lako na kukula chakula chako. Unampapasa kisha anaenda kwa boma nyingine. Na wananchi wanashangaa kwa nini wako na njaa. Lakini kama Thievery, mbwa huyo angekuwa Mg’ondi, mngemfukuza!” he tweeted.

Kenyans On Twitter were amazed by the diplomat’s mastery of language with some even offering to take him round Nairobi hoods where sheng is highly spoken.

Some even joked saying Kartelo, the new sheng sensation must have been the one who made the tweet.

“Balozi, this is my hood where some ‘slang’ swahili is spoken, famously known as ‘sheng’..It’s commonly spoken by young people of the nation. I’d love teaching you some. “Rada ni gani mzito kuna venye nadai nikupeleke na rieng ya hii mtaa na mbogi yangu.” stated @BenMutinda12
“Mko sure huyu si kartelo ametweet?” tweeted @RealWanjikiKE
“Mlami anachafua sheng while PLO keeps on confusing us with horrific jargon…learning to be an african,” stated @KimNjugush.
Fadheee shikiliaaa Uzito…….🤛🏿
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