Pain and agony as two year old boy disappears mysteriously

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A woman in Huruma Jonsaga area is troubled following the disappearance of her two and a half year old son two weeks ago.

Speaking to ghetto radio Mercy Kawera says her son Alex was playing at the gate of their plot before he disappeared at around 8.30 am.

Kawera says after a frantic search, one of her neighbours told her the following day that she had seen a woman carry Alex and thought they were with the mother.

The woman in question is said to have been wearing open shoes with socks, a dress and had her head covered with a cloth.

Mercy says she has reported the matter of her missing boy to nearly all police stations in Nairobi but has not gotten any positive response. about the issue of their child he almost became violent.

She is appealing to anyone who may have information about the child to contact her on 0717 835 309 or Ghetto Radio and assist her reunite with her child.