Twelve Year Old Boy Arrested For Breaking Into Houses

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A 12 year old  boy from Lindi ward in Kibra Constituency who has been breaking into residents’  houses  is under police radar.

This is according to Humphrey Lando alias Blacky2, a child protection officer and an undercover police attached to DC post from Kilimani police station.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News, Lando said that the minor was recently arrested and his parents and teachers summoned at the DC police post where the boy was interrogated on his dealings.

The Karate man come police officer  narrates that the minor usually leaves home in full school uniform before changing his clothes and embarking  on a mission to break into houses  and peddling bang.

He added that upon interrogation the boy confessed  involvement in the vices and is on track to reform after being counselled  and put under close police watch.

It is said that boy stole one thousand from a house in Gatwekera village, Sarangombe ward and shared it with his friends.