6 Times Vera Sidika Showed Us Her Boyfriend

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sidikaVera Sidika has always been framed as an ultimate gold digger who will always get whatever she wants, even if it means doing the illest of actions.

Her trade has never been unleashed till to date. The only close we got in revealing her source of income is when she opened a high end hair business before it flopped. We are also aware that must have dined with a big spoon when she featured in Prezzo’s “My Girl” video and the one she did in Nigeria the other day.

Just mentioned Nigeria, and it lingered on me that she once confessed that Nigeria was her second home.

Hmm…true good things come from home. Indeed they do, because it seemingly from Nigeria-which is her second home that she scooped a young handsome ‘oga’.

There is this face Nigerians wear, something close to a “Collins Injera” look,you know.

And that’s the sauce that pleased Sidika’s eyes. And it is through the six photos below that Sidika has laid to rest all the ill rumors about her.

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