Thug Who Master Planned Carjacking Of Double M On Sunday

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A suspected thug believed to be owning a Ceska pistol has been given a stern warning by officers believed to be working with killer cop Hessy Wa Dandora.

The suspected thug by the street name Sanji is believed to have been the mastermind of a hijacking incident that happened on Double M bus on Sunday.

According to the officer, the hijacking of the Double M bus headed to Buru buru was planned by Sanji in Kasabuni area in Babadogo ward.

The five carjackers, moved the driver out of the steering wheel only for the bus to crash land on the left side. No one died but some passengers suffered some injuries.

Two of the five carjarckers were shot dead while three others including the master planner Sanji escaped.

Sanji has reportedly taken refuge in Gitwamba area in Naivasha Constituency, Nakuru County.

The officer is also demanding that Sanji returns the Ceska Pistol that he own.