We are under threat, police are trailing us – David Ndii’s wife

We are under threat, police are trailing us - David Ndii's wife

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NASA strategist David Ndii’s wife Mwende Gatabaki has expressed her frustrations over the unlawful arrest of her husband by the police.

Mwende says the police at the Diani police station where her husband was allegedly taken, threatened to lock her up in a cell when she demanded to be told where her husband was.

“This is my message to the president, where is the gentleman who called me in 2014 asking me to come and create a single source of truth to create transparency in Kenya, this is not transparent,” she remarked.

“My husband is not a criminal, my husband is not corrupt, he has never taken anything from public coffers… so am asking the president today, where is that man who brought me back to the country to create a single source of truth” she posed.

Speaking at a media briefing, Mwende stated that her husband was arrested in the presence of their 11 year old daughter at the hotel where they were staying.

She says the incident has left their daughter traumatized after she watched her father being picked by seven officers.

“The police came to our room, and turned everything apart, ransacked. They were asking for computers and we told them we do not have computers because we came for holiday,” she said.

Mwende says prior to her husband’s arrest in Kwale, unknown people have been trailing them back in Nairobi for days.

“The police would pack outside our house and coming with all manner of excuses. Our neighbours have reported to us that there are people who come to our house when we are away,” she said

Ndii is currently at the DCI headquarters being questioned. NASA leaders led by James Orengo have also arrived at the DCI where Ndii is being held.