TerryAnne Chebet’s “squad” skips her 40th Birthday party

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Former Citizen Tv news anchor TerryAnne Chebet walked into her 40s over the weekend at a lavish party held in Laikipia.

According to posts on her social media account, the party was catered for by champagne brand Moet.

The party held at Mukima house in Laikipia was an elite affair worth a lot of money and has seen many people wish for such birthday’s online after TerryAnne shared photos of her Gatsby boys and girls.

However what has caught most people’s attention is the fact that the usual clique of Shix Kapienga, Jacquie Maribe and others were not present at the party.

Just last year TerryAnne spent her birthday with the girls on a Yatch at the Kenyan coast, but this year they were a no show.

It is not clear why her clique  was not at the party but many speculate that they were not invited.

Since Jacque Maribe’s arrest last year the seven ladies have hardly been seen together.


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