“Taj Mall is the pride of Embakasi” Residents

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A section of Embakasi residents now want to spare the controversial Airgate Mall formerly known as Taj Mall from demolition.

The residents argue that instead of demolishing the mall, the government should turn it into a Hospital of even a school.

According to them Taj Mall is the pride of Embakasi. A place that has given the area a good name.

“This is a place where you take your friends from other places to chill and feel good,” said one of the residents.

“Whats the point of demolishing the mall now and the road ohas already been constructed?” posed another resident.

Some however argue that the mall should be demolished because leaving it will be condoning impunity.

A notice of vacation had been issued to the building more than two weeks ago lapsed today 30th of August.

Most traders in the building have already vacated and removed their belongings.

The Nairobi regeneration Committee has however pushed the demolition of Taj Mall to Monday after they have finished flattening South End.

According to the notice issued on the 16th of August, Taj Mall has been constructed on North Airport road reserve.


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