Supreme Court Dismisses Appeal To Block Tobacco Regulations

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The Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal filed by the British American Tobacco to block the tobacco control law.

The court ruled that the Ministry of Health and the four other respondents in the case acted within the law.

The Kenya Tobacco Control Alliance Chairman Joel Gitali has hailed the ruling stating that law will see the regulation of tobacco hence saving the lives of many Kenyans.

Gitali added that, universal healthcare will also be achieved as Tobacco is a major cause of deaths through various types of cancer and non-communicable diseases.

The law was published in December 2014, provides for large graphic and text health warnings and mandatory disclosures of tobacco product ingredients.

It also imposes a requirement on manufacturers to pay compensation for harm suffered of 2 percent of the value of tobacco products.

Gitali the 2 percent levy charged to cater for treating cancer and rehabilitation to the addicted.