Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir steps down after months of protests

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Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir has stepped down after months of protests against his rule.

There has been no formal announcement about Bashir’s resignation, but local state television announced on Thursday morning that the army was set to make an ‘Important announcement’.

“The Sudanese army will issue an important statement soon. Wait for it,” a television anchor said.

According to government sources and a provincial minister,Consultations are currently under way to set up a transitional council to run the country.

The minister of production and economic resources in North Darfur Adel Mahjoub Hussein told the Dubai-based al-Hadath TV that “there are consultations to form a military council to take over power after President Bashir stepped down”.

Bashir has been in power for 30 years.

Tens of thousands of people have been camping outside military headquarters since Saturday, demanding for the removal of the president.

Several military vehicles carrying troops entered the army compound which also houses Bashir in the early hours of Thursday.


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