Student publicly humiliated by principal gets help

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kapenguriaA form two students who was publicly humiliated by his school’s principal and sent away from school over school fee arrears has finally gotten help.

Brian Kibet a student at the Kapenguria Boys High School was kicked out of the school in a humiliating way by the school’s principal over school fee arrears amounting to over 100,000 shillings.

Photos of the student that have gone viral show him with his two inch mattress, blankets in handand metal box outside the gate of the school.

Ndung’u Nyoro a Social Media user who highlighted the issue had this to say “I agree the school fees must be paid. I agree he can be sent home to ask his parent or guardian to get something to school. But I disagree with how to send him home, this is total humiliation.”

kapenguriaReports however indicate that a good samaritan has offered to clear Kibet’s scvhool fee arrears and send him back to school.

New photos of om show the happy Kibet in the school’s new uniform and a blazer.