Street mother loses baby to child trafficker

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Cases of street mothers losing their children to unknown people continue to be on the rise in Nairobi streets

The recent case is of Sharron Mwende living along the streets of Luthuli Avenue who lost her 1 month and 2 weeks child to a young woman who claimed that there was free milk been given in Ngara.

Mwende says she then boarded a matatu with the woman only to find herself in Eastleigh in a drugged state, her baby missing and the woman gone.

According to the street family the woman had paid them a visit a few times before in the pretense that she will take her to a place where free milk was being offered only for her to drug Sharron and steal her baby.

The mother has already reported the case to Pangani police station as the incident happened in Eastleigh.

Two months ago another street child lost her baby in Muthurwa Market. The child was stolen from her at night when she was sleeping.


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