“Stop playing with food”- Eddie Butita tells Eric Omondi after Viral video with Vera

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Comedian Eric Omondi ignited an online conversation after uploading a video playing with Vera Sidika.

Vera has been trending for the past few hours after she uploaded a photo looking rather dark.

In a bid to prove that Vera has indeed gone dark, Eric uploaded a playful video with Vera showing fans that the lass is no longer light skinned.

“she is back!!! Black is gold…once you go black, welcome home” he captioned the video

In the video, Eric is seen sitting on Vera before changing positions and asking Vera to show fans her knuckles.

The video caught the attention of fellow comedians Teacher Wanjiku and Eddie Butita both who cautioned Eric over his games.

“Our mothers taught us not to play with food…Eric Omondi is not a good listener.” wrote Butita

“Michezo za mimba ” wrote Teacher Wanjiku

A few days ago Eric made headlines again after a viral video of him taking in Vera’s shirt and grabbing her booty.

Online fans have asked the two to quit playing with each other and move on to second base.

“Mtashinda mmeshikana shikana hivi kila siku? Eat each other.” wrote one online fan


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