“Stop living a fake lifestyle” Ringtone calls out Mr. Seed

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Controversial singer Ringtone has called out gospel star Mr. Seed for living a fake lifestyle on social media.

According to Ringtone, Mr. Seed has been posting cars and claiming he owns property that he actually doesn’t own.

The singer has also urged Mr. Seed to seek forgiveness from Bahati saying he is living a miserable life at the moment.

Ringtone asked Bahati to forgive Mr Seed whom he alleges is currently suffering and living a fake life for the gram.

“Samehea Mr Seed bwana, Mr. seed anateseka sana , Mr seed ako na shida nyingi sana. Magari kupost pale, si za ukweli, mavitu pale si za ukweli. Saidia Mr Seed. Na wewe Mr seed nimekutetea sana, omba Bahati msamaha urudi pale, uingie mbogi ya Bahati, Mr Seed shida zitakumaliza ukisema uko na magari na manyumba na hauna. Omba msamaha, nimesema kama chairman wa Gospel,” he said

Bahati and Mr. Seed allegedly fell out after the Bahati’s called the cops on Mr. Seed’s wife Nimo for running her hustle during one of their gigs late last year.

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