South African Designer Wins Second Apartment in M-PESA Promotion

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Safaricom has today awarded the second house to one Eric Lindenburg in the ongoing Maisha ni M-pesa tu promotion.

The South African native narrated his first encounter with M-pesa being when he saw his friend withdraw money from his bank account via M-pesa.

Having used M-pesa services for the six years he has been around, the interior design consultant described M-pesa as convenient and even said it was his wallet.

Being in its fourth week, the promotion has seen 190,000 M-Pesa customers and 4000 agents being rewarded cash prizes which range from 2,000 to 10,000 shillings.

Janet Atika,the Director of Consumer Operations said that all customers were legible to win in the promotion as it is a matter of luck and not how many points one has.

Janet also mentioned that the promotion was certified by the National Betting Control and Licensing Board.


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