Sonko’s daughter attacked for stealing someone’s man

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By Annette Amondi

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko’s daughter was caught up in an online drama on Wednesday after a certain user called her out for ‘stealing’ someone’s man.

Saumu was engaged in an Instagram live video wth her fans when an angry user identified as Olowoshibi1 said she was dating a married man.

The comment from Olowoshibi1 triggered a back and forth argument between the two.

“God is watching you. God will never bless you for snatching another woman’s husband,” wrote Olowoshibi1

Saumu then responded saying that she could not take any negativity calling the account fake.

“Take your fake ass from my page. I know who you are commenting with fake accounts. I don’t take negativity from anyone,” said Saumu.

When the online user insisted that she was giving facts, Saumu went ham on her saying even her man was stolen so life goes on.

“This man had a life before me, what matters is the life we have now. He was dating someone before he met me and that is very normal, I was in a come-we-stay marriage and someone came between us. Now my baby daddy and the other person are very happy and that is a good thing,” she added

Saumu had made headlines earlier when she said her current relationship would end in a funeral or a wedding.

“My Current relationship is either gonna lead to a Wedding or Funeral .Bitch you choose All black or All white wedding.” She wrote