Sonko to arrest retailers selling Unga at more than Ksh. 75

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Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi  Sonko has reiterated that he will arrest  traders who are selling unga for  more than 75 shillings per 2 kgs  saying that the directive must be adhered to by city  traders.

Sonko stated that the retailers should follow the government’s directive of selling 2 KG Unga at 75 shillings.

He said selling Unga at a different price amounts to fraud.

Early this week Sonko made a similar executive order but did not materialise.

“I am calling on all maize flour retailers be it wholesale in Eastleigh or retail shops or supermarkets to bring down the cost of Unga to 75 shillings or face arrest and closure of their business premises,” said Sonko.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has called on  maize Millers to heed to government directive and  ensure they sell  ungaa at subsidized prices   to ensure retailers  gives it at 75 shillings per 2 kg  to wananchi.

Kenyatta says the directive still stands and that the the supply of maize to millers has grown tremendously.

He further assured maize farmers   that they will be  paid beginning today but on the hand issued a warning to those who  conspired with Kenya cereals board officials to get the cash alone, saying they will be brought to book.


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