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peoples-president-2Sonko has been in the furnace roasting in his own fat after he in a show of arrogance claimed that he was the acting President while the president and his deputy were out of the country.

This chest thumping and disrespect to the ofice of the president has left a bitter taste in the palate of most Kenyans with most of them taking to the streets of twitter under the hashtag #GrowUpSonko where they unleashed their wrath on him

The question however is whether or not Kenyans are a forgetful lot or just a pretentious one. Controversy has been Sonko’s ‘baptisimal’ name and part of his antics on brushing with authority are what got him elected to the senator seat as a presumption that he was an ordinary mwananchi’s champion. So sonko’s audacity can be easily forgiven as he did not elect himself.

There is a saying that says ‘We are our Leaders’ and so sonko is just a reflection of who we are as Kenyans. We have allowed an unruly and uncouth leadership to occupy our highest offices and the stench is now unbearable.

Given his following, he was well within his belief to claim acting presidency. Society has accepted him and his bad behaviour and in some instances praised him.

Hashtags and baraza’s will not right the wrong. It is time we put the likes of Sonko in their rightful places. We have the vote, we have the power. Intergrity has to prevail in our leadership na si tafadhali!

















Njoki Gachanja.