Sonko accused of making tribal appointments at Pumwani Hospital

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Pumwani Maternity Hospital is on the spot over claims of tribalism in the recent management reshuffles conducted by the Nairobi County.

The reshuffle done last week by Chief Officer of health Dr. Thomas Ogaro saw top management posts and departmental heads given to one community.

More than five new department leaders are from one community.

County records  seen by Ghetto Radio News, the  New Superintendent is Dr. Catherine Mutinda,Dione Nzioki is the head of health  records, Dr. Roy Muoki Chief Pharmasist  and Chief Procurement officers is Dr. Gertrude  Kemuwa.

Health Chief Officer Dr. Ogaro has however, denied tribal claims saying the redeployment was done constitutionally and does not harm the facility in any way.

He further accused those who have been demoted of witch-hunt pointing specifically out-going superintendent of Pumwani Dr. Lazaros.