Someone Tell Mandago

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mandagoAs I write this, I hope Ole Kaparo has already dialed Uber Chopper and is anticipating that moment where he blatantly bursts the tribal kingship bubble of the Giant framed Governor of Uasin Gishu by arresting him along with the other brainwashed tribal hooligans and ensuring they get their day in court for disturbing the stinking bones of the long buried uncivilized.

It beats me that in this day and age, leaders still believe they can storm public institutions and push their weights around flashing their middle names. Kenyans learnt their lessons hard and painful and not even these uncivilised leaders will force us back to that class where memory of brotherhood  was lost for a while and blood shed. Moi University is not anyone’s private garden and so these people who think they can come pee on Public institutions such as these have another thing coming.

Do you know how much sweat is being shed at Marikiti everyday by Wanjiku’s mother (who is single by the way) just so that she can see her child through that university? Or how many nights Opiyo’s father has had to sleep out in the deeps of the oceans waiting for a good catch just to make sure his son graduates? Or how Muhamed’s father has been consoling himself every time he looks at his thinning flock that he has to constantly sell off when his son calls to ask for a book? These parents look forward to a framed photo of their children in graduation regalia, a trophy that will speak of triumph despite their status. Then a tribal bigot who confuses Kenya for his bedroom thinks he can hold them hostage over his tribesmen? Thwart their dreams because he thinks his dialect is supreme? Manadago should know people.

Kenyans are tired of politicians who divide us on tribal lines. PEV will remain etched as a lesson. As the Late Prof. George Saitoti rightly put it, “there comes a time when a nation is greater than any individual”,I dare say, that time is everytime! The graduation will take place because the students welfare is not your political cheap games. The VC will stay because his abilty and right to work anywhere in Kenya is not limited to his middle name.

When that graduation roll is read out, graduates from different parts of the country will rise from their seats ready to be bestowed the power to read. They will smile triumphantly knowing that they not only stamped out idiocy but also mediocre mentalities of tribalism. They will have come, seen and conquered.