“Slayqueens showering three times in a day will be brought to parliament by Duale Bill” Kimilili MP

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Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa has dismissed the Two-Thirds Gender Bill terming it as a move by slay queens who want to join parliament using short cuts.

Speaking in parliament, Barasa claimed that even the female MPs who are toiling hard to get votes from Kenyans were against the move saying the nomination slots will be given to party slay queens.

“Some toiled from ward to ward, looking for votes to be elected as MPs and what they told me is that they are not willing to support a situation where slayqueens… the only thing that a slayqueen does is take showers three times in a day, wear, very beautiful colognes and then appear before the party leader and get that nomination,” he said.

BArasa says he will rally fellow MPs not to support the bill sponsored by Majority leader of Parliament Aden Duale.

“We can’t just fill Parliament with people, but rather people who will add value. We only want women of substance, those respected in this country, and above all, the Wanjikus, Anyagos and Naliakas must be given an opportunity to decide if they want to be represented by them,” Barasa said.


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