Six thugs on police’s most wanted list

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Six suspected thugs have been put on police list of most wanted thugs in Nairobi.

The six’s images were posted on Social Media by infamous cop Hessy wa Dandora come from Komaroc, Umoja, Kariobangi South, and Kayole in Nairobi.

According to Hessy the three go by social media names, Nush, Monica, Willy, Bruce, Malcom and Sparta.

Two of the suspected thugs are female while one boy has been labeled as an informer to the thugs.

Nush a female thug from Umoja has been profiled as very dangerous thug while Nush is reportedly the person who carries guns for the thugs.

Hessy hit the headlines last year for killing suspected thugs and then posting their photos on social media.

He is known for asking the thugs to reform before the long arm of the law catches up with them.

This is what he posted on social media regarding the thugs;


“Hii sasa ndo mbogi chafu zaidi ya wezi from #Umoja, wanahangaisha innocent Kenyans mostly within the CBD, SOUTH C, NGONG, UMOJA, KAYOLE, KARIOBANGI SOUTH, carjacking within Nairobi county, …. the squad is armed and dangerous, …ukipatana nao, do the necessary as quickly as possible, Hessy Wa KayolePanya Ya StatehouseKwena Charlotte SarahMasai Moja…..more photoz loading tomorrow!!!”