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Singer Vivian forced to defend her Faith after fan blasts her

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Singer Vivian found herself in a rather tough position of explaining her relationship with God after a fan blasted her for singing secular.

The singer had shared an online post in the company of a man of God when the fan went ham on her.

“Profound blessings on blessings with Pastor Pete! Pastor Pete is a huge inspiration and a blessing to any creative or even non-creative individual.” She captioned the post

The fan identified as Caleb Onyango a.k.a  Squat2018 then went on to ask her how her music relates to her faith.

“How does your faith relate to the music you produce though? quite a disconnect.” he wrote

The singer hit back at the fan who would’t let go of the matter telling him off how her music is just her living her life.

“I am defined too through who i am as a person all this on top of my gifting as an artiste. I am human first and more particularly god’s child working my way through life and singing love songs will never undermine this. Sending love and hugs your way :)” she added

The seemingly furious singer then went on to block the fan cum critic for questioning her life