Senator Sakaja says he fully supports Uhuru’s appointment of Moody Awori

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The government has been urged to consider more youth in government positions because they understand the problems that they face.

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has said that he supports the appointment of Moody Awori to the Sports Fund board however insisting that the youth are not thieves.

He went ahead and pointed out the recent graft cases that no person under the age of 35 has been implicated

He has further added that in the Sports Fund board the majority of the board positions should be given to the youth so that they can be able to give the older people who have been elected to the board fresh ideas on how the fund can be used to develop the sports and talents on the grasss-roots.

There was recent uproar from the public after the president appointed former vice president Moody Awori who is 91 years old as a board member to the Sports Fund with the president defending himself stating that he has been failed by young people elected to positions by embezzling funds.

The Sports Fund is said to have accumulated billions of money from the time it was instituted as it gets money from the betting imposed on lottery firms.