Sauti Sol’s Bien clapsback at Khaligraph over workout video

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For the sometime now Khaligraph Jones has always made fun at Sauti members mocking them to go back to the gym.

Khaligraph recently uploaded a video of himself flexing and making fan of Sauti sol’s Savara Mudigi.

In a sublimal shot Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime hit back at the OG, arguing that the OG is doing a repeat of things they did back when they shot “Nishike”.

“Ingia hapo kwa choo ukate weight. SAUTISOL ni SEX SYMBOL. Hizi vitu unafanya saa hii tulifanya kitambo. Tukiimba NISHIKE bado ulikua KAYOLE” bien said

Savara also responded to the OG asking why he is always on his case.

“Wewe lazima unitaje ndio ujulikane” he said

Since their “Rewind” collaboration about a year ago, Jones and Sauti Sol have been throwing pokes at each other while entertaining their fans